Please call 414-327-4586 with any questions and check out the website ; (milw wow for information as we begin activities during the months ahead.    Vaccines have given us hope to resume our meetings and activities.   We will be adding details for these activities as they develop.  Check back at this site; or in our newsletters or at the meeting.   Please think about and schedule large group  activities.

                                                        LOOKING AHEAD                                                                                                                             

April 20, 2021  Sip & Dip at Saz’s, 5539 W. State St.  3-5 PM.                                                 Contact Cathy Steiner,  414-531-3336

April 23, 2021.        
Fish Fry at Benny’s Cafe, 5354 S. 27th St.  Milwaukee.  Deadline for reservations was on April 14th.    
Contact Arlene   at 414-817-8805     

May 3,  2021.                                                                                                                                              Walking at Mayfair Mall M-T.  Meet at the food Court at 10 AM.  Friday’s at Brookfield Square.      10:30 AM.                                                                                                              Contact Cathy, Tony, Kathy or Tom.  414-531-3336, 262-783-5298, 414-525-5582.

May3, 2021.  Mini golf at Moreland Golf Cir.  5500 S. Moorland.  Meet at 12:30, Golf at 1 PM.  Cost $11.  Includes golf, sandwich, drink and chips.                    Contact Rob or Bev     414-425-0977 or 414-421-3256.

May4, 2021.  Men’s Club Luncheon at O’Donahue’s.  13225  Watertown Plank Road.  11 AM.                                                                                                                               Contact Art Plautus, 414-321-0495. 

May 7, 2021.  Golf at Brookfield Hills.  12:00.  Call Dave ahead of time.               Contact Dave Zuehlke, 414-425-8519 or 414-712-4513.

May 11, 2021.  Breakfast at Mimosa’s.  10:30 AM.  275 Regency Ct.  Brookfield, 53045.              
  Contact Marlene, 262-523-3555.

May 12, 2021. General Meeting.   7PM.   New Berlin Ale House. Other site for June meeting will be announced at this meeting or in newsletter or on website.

May 17, 2021    Sip & Dip at Mo’s Irish Pub, Highway 100 & Bluemound                     Contact Art and Nancy, 262-542-4933.    3-5 PM

May 17, 2021.  Mini Golf at Moorland  Golf Cir.   12:30. Golf at 1. $11.
Contact Bev or Rob.  414-421-3256 or 414-425-0977

May18, 2021. Breakfast at Mimosa’s. 10:30AM.  9405 S. 27th St. (Ryan Rd. Exit off 141). Franklin,53132.                                                                                                                        Contact  Pat Hansen.  414-282-9252.   

May 20, 2021,  Cards at Todd Post, 92nd and Beloit.   6 -9. $3 at the door.
Contact Faith or Chuck.  414-327-4586 or 608-495-2663

May 21,2021.  Golf at Brookfield Hills   Call Dave ahead so he can reserve.   
414-425-8519 or 414-712-4513.

May 26, 2021.  Wednesday Fish Fry, at Boulder Junction, 12550 Burleigh, Brookfield.  Reserve by May 19th..                                                                                     Contact Tom or Kathy, 282-783-5298

May 27, 2021. Brewers Game. Only 7 tickets left after sign up at meeting. Contact Kenny at 262-790-5205.

                                                        Pending Events        Coming Soon       

Monthly events being considered awaiting schedules, hosts, and locations.

Pizza Night with Kenny and Kathy, place and dates pending.  Fish Frys  upcoming so far will be in June, at Open Flame, hosted by Donna, and in July at the Cotton Exchange hosted by Nancy and Art.  Please contact Arlene or any board member if you would like to host a fish fry.   Book Club with Cathy.  Read “Educated” by Terra Weston, to be discussed at time and date to be set for May or June.   We are still planning and looking for a location  for  daytime Cards & Games.  Sip & Dip in June with Joanne and Bob.   Maybe one of our members might host an outing for a stage performance?  

Please call Faith (our social coordinator) or any board member, with ideas or interest in hosting or participating in these or other events.  Also we welcome any new ideas.

Please call our recruiters Harlan ( 414-791-4044)  or any board members whose numbers are on our newsletters,  just to talk if you might enjoy conversation during this isolation period, when loneliness is compounded.  We are all experiencing the same feelings and would love to talk with you.